Welcome to Simply Serene

About Me
I have been a massage therapist since June 2008 and I love my job more and more each day. My main goal is to get to know my clients so that together we can determine the best massage treatment to fit their needs and to ensure they have a positive experience. There is no greater compliment than to hear someone tell you "you made them feel better."

  • 500+ Hours of Massage Education and Training from Minnesota School of Business
  • Massage Therapy Diploma
  • Graduated June 2008 with honors
  • 2008-2010 worked for a Chiropractor
  • Became an independent licensed Massage therapist in 2011-present

Our Policies
  • Credit/Debit card on file required.
  • Tardiness
    • Late Arrival or delayed start will result in lost time, and client is subject to being charged the full amount of the scheduled appointment
  • Cancellation Policy
    • Cancellation Fee waived in event of severe weather - 2 hour minimum hour notice required.
    • A minimum of 24 hour notice required for all other cancellations
    • Failure to give proper 24 hour notice: Client will be charged for 50% of the scheduled session
  • No-Call / No-Show Policy
    • Client subject to be charged full price for scheduled session